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Are you curious about what it’s really like to be a surrogate?
If so, you’ll want to join

Diary of a Surrogate

a private podcast that provides an exclusive look into my personal journey as a 5-time surrogate

Here’s what’s included:

Private Podcast

I’ll provide you with insights into my personal journey as a 5-time surrogate including weekly diary entries of my current journey.

I’ll share personal stories about challenges with getting the contract signed, a subchorionic hematoma working it’s way out during a kindergarten field trip, carrying & delivering twins, birthing a 9 lb 12 oz baby, a journey during the pandemic where the parents didn’t make it for the birth, and more.


Submit your burning questions through our community form and have them answered by me within the private podcast feed.

Ready to join me on this journey?


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often will new episodes be released?

There are weekly and monthly episodes based on my current journey and I plan to release at least 2 new episodes each month through the end of 2023.

Will the podcast be available on all major podcast platforms?

Yes. You will have the option to subscribe on your preferred platform.

Is this a monthly fee?

No. At this time, this offer is a one-time payment.

I've got a question not answered here.

Send me a message at hi@gfguidetosurrogacy.com or use the contact form on the website.

Our Process

How we work

Step 1

First consultation

Knowing you process upfront is very useful for potential clients. It takes away the element of uncertainty and sets up your professional relationship for success.

Step 2

Adjusting Expectations

This entire section serves as a place where you can introduce your clients to your process and show them what they should expect. It helps avoid misunderstandings.

Step 3

Design & Development

You don’t have to be very detailed here, just give your clients a general idea of what working with you will entail.

Step 4

Feedback & Fine-Tuning

Make sure to show your clients how they are a part of your process. It builds trust and helps reach the finish line faster.

Step 5

Delivery & Launch

Ideally, this section will give your clients answers to some common questions and concerns, establishing a timeline of events they can expect. It should reassure and convince that you will be the right person for their project.

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