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August 2017

I’m currently four weeks postpartum from delivering my last surrogate baby and am now considered a two-time proven surrogate.

Brad and I had already discussed doing another journey as long as everything went well with the delivery. It did so here we are.

I planned to send in my application when I was closer to my postpartum doctor’s appointment. However, I received a call from the director of the agency I work with saying she had a couple who I’d be perfect for and wanted to know when I was going to send in the paperwork for my next journey. I already mentioned to her that I wanted to pursue another journey.

Sometimes the matching process can take some time, but I’ve been matched pretty quickly for each of my journeys.

The very first thing you do when becoming a surrogate, besides getting information and all your questions answered, is put in an application when working with an agency. This is no different for a returning surrogate.

Along with submitting an application, you also need a clearance letter from your current OBGYN. A clearance letter simply states what type of delivery you had previously and that your doctor believes you are okay to become pregnant again.

I sent in my application that same afternoon and Ann scheduled a time for Brad and me to meet the couple over Skype. They live in Australia so timing can be a bit tricky.

First meetings

As you can imagine, the first meeting can be awkward. It’s like dating.

Will they like me? Will I like them? What are they going to ask me? I hope they’re “normal” (like anyone is normal, right?).

I was SO hot during the meeting. Like, comically hot and Brad and I laughed about it afterward. I hoped they couldn’t see any sweat stains. I wasn’t nervous, but our lighting stand was pointed right at me and the AC vent was above and to the right of me so I couldn’t feel it. Awkward!

Since I’ve successfully delivered twice as a surrogate I wasn’t feeling nervous. I want to make sure I’m helping the family I’m meant to help so went in thinking if this wasn’t that family, it’s ok. There would be another family I’m meant to help.

This couple was great! I love how personable they are and the intended father has a really good sense of humor.

After our meeting, I sent an email to my director saying I liked them and I would love to move forward with them if they want the same.

They did and here we are. The End.

At this point, a lot of things happen on the back end. My intended parents weren’t officially working with my agency so they had to do the paperwork to set that up, plus get us connected through their processes and systems.

Once the setup is complete, I receive an official match email with all the information I need (IVF Clinic and doctor, attorney, psychotherapist, medical insurance, etc.) and the next step is the medical and psychological screening and legal contracts. All the #fun stuff. Not really, but it’s the necessary stuff.

Monthly Focus

1. Nutrition

I always give myself a few weeks after delivery to get back to really strict nutrition. The reason I am strict is that I’ll be starting the IVF process in six-ish months. I get really “fluffy” during pregnancy so my goal is to get as healthy and fit as I possibly can. To me, that’s focusing on my nutrition and getting to hot yoga once I’m cleared by my doctor.

This time around, along with cutting out gluten, dairy, and soy, I’m also counting macros. Here is a look at some of my meal prep.

2. Complete the Application Process

3. Meet with Potential IPs

Monthly Timeline

Aug 3 – Call from agency director about potential intended parents (IPs)

Aug 10 – Postpartum doctor appointment and clearance letter for another surrogate journey

Aug 26 – Met with IPs via Skype

Aug 29 – Officially matched with intended parents

Over to you:

Do you have any questions or is there something you’d like me to add to these diary posts? Post them in the comments below.

Next Steps:

Want a snapshot of what the entire surrogacy process looks like? Click on the image below and download the Surrogacy Journey Blueprint.

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