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Surrogacy Journey Blueprint

Get a birds-eye view of the surrogacy journey process based on my experience as a 4-time proven surrogate, a timeline of my journeys, plus answers to some common questions I get.

I don’t even know what to say except WOW! What a wonderful gift you are JoAn. As someone who struggled with getting pregnant, hearing your story is really inspiring. I know the parents you have helped are so thankful.
~ Vanessa

about the author

A note from JoAn…

Hi, I’m JoAn. I’m a 4-time proven surrogate currently pregnant on my 5th journey. 4-time proven just means that I’ve successfully completed four surrogacy journeys where I delivered babies to their families. It’s wild, right?!

Becoming a surrogate wasn’t something I strived to be. It kind of just happened. I know that sounds kind of silly, but from my first phone call to the agency to being pregnant was about three months.

I’ve wanted to share my story for a while and since this is my farewell tour, I hope you’ll follow along. A good place to start is with the Surrogacy Journey Blueprint.

Our Process

How we work

Step 1

First consultation

Knowing you process upfront is very useful for potential clients. It takes away the element of uncertainty and sets up your professional relationship for success.

Step 2

Adjusting Expectations

This entire section serves as a place where you can introduce your clients to your process and show them what they should expect. It helps avoid misunderstandings.

Step 3

Design & Development

You don’t have to be very detailed here, just give your clients a general idea of what working with you will entail.

Step 4

Feedback & Fine-Tuning

Make sure to show your clients how they are a part of your process. It builds trust and helps reach the finish line faster.

Step 5

Delivery & Launch

Ideally, this section will give your clients answers to some common questions and concerns, establishing a timeline of events they can expect. It should reassure and convince that you will be the right person for their project.

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